All Saint’s Sunday November 1st 2015


Dear First UMC family,
In keeping with a longtime tradition of our church, on All Saints’ Sunday (November 1st) we will have a time in our worship service to honor family members and other loved ones who have died since the previous All Saints’ Sunday.  One-by-one their names will be read reverently, their photo shown (if a digital copy is provided to the church), and a bell will be rung in memory of each person.  Also, for those who were full members of the church, a rose will be displayed on the altar and then presented to a family member (or designee).
If you have a loved one whom you would like remembered and honored in this way, please contact the church office (574-946-4971) no later than Tuesday, October 27th, and provide a digital photo via email ( or thumb drive if desired.  If you do not have a digital photo, we may be able to scan a photo for you.
I look forward to sharing in this sacred time of remembrance with all of you, as we give thanks for those who have been such a blessing in our lives.
In Christ,
Pastor Dave